Photo Gallery

Scholarship Winner Table with Mary Jo Bowes, Audia Boyle and Sheila Valentin, and Alaura Johnson

Patti Holmes, with KIM CHURCH, AAUW PRESIDENT, and Carolyn Princes. And Jacob Lemont, Patti’s grandson

Athena nominees – Carolyn Princes, Pat Heilman, with Charlotte Manges, Susan Wheatley

Sheila Valentin with Mary Jo Bowes

Joyce Magee, Pat Heilman, Ola Kaniasty’s husband, Jane Kolb, Becky Becker, Susan Wheatley

Audia Boyles, Outstanding Women & Patti Holmes

Lori Woods, Member Making a Difference

Sherene Hess, Business Equity Award with Audia Boyles and Lori Woods